Our History | United Energy Developers

Our History

United Energy Developers Co. started its activities by the support of 35 years desirable experiences of its founder Companies. This group has been active in the different field of energy industries such as design, manufacture, installing and commissioning which resulted in earning valuable experiences in their field and they agreed, for development of their company and in order to enhance utilization of each company total capacity in oil, gas, petrochemical, different kinds of power plants and other main industries, jointly establish a professional company with the needed investment. With respect to above explanation United Energy Developers Co. is registered and started its activities in energy and power industries. Primary Capital of Company is 100/000/000/000 IRR which is invested in order to gain respected customers confidence which is unique in its kind.

United Energy Developers Co. as a general contractor company in field of energy which is active in management , construction and execution of related projects in the field of Energy including project management, design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance activities. Top management of the United Energy Developers Co. had gained great experiences while they have been active in industry with possessing sensitive position in well-known companies. Since essential role of human resources management for improvement in all aspects for an organization is very important, United Energy Developers Co. emphasizes in appropriate human resources management to reach the major goal of company which is customer satisfaction and in this respect our company employed professionals who have good records and technical experiences in contracting energy projects, also our company is mobilized with all needed equipment, tools, software and hardware. According to market situation, this company always tries to gain its customer satisfaction by providing best quality services in order to become a well-known Iranian company in international market. Therefore; using latest technological accomplishment are set as our primary priorities.