UEDCO | United Energy Developers



United Energy Developers Co (UED), was established in 2008 as a General Contractor in the field of Energy for execution of EPC projects in Power Generation Industries, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Water Industries.

Company type:    Private Joint Stock

Thanks to its highly qualified and experienced members and staff, implementation of creative solutions and up to date management approaches, “United Energy Developers” is making efforts to establish its name as a well-known developed company both locally and internationally in the energy sector.


United Energy Developers is conducting sustainable development activities with cooperation of its subsidiary and shareholder companies and partners in the following fields:

• Project management in Power Generation, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Water Industries in EPC Turnkey form
• Investment in different kinds of B.O.O and B.O.T plants or projects (F)
• Design and Engineering Services (E)
• Procurement of Project Equipment (P)
• Construction and Commissioning (C)
• Operation and Maintenance Services (O&M)

According to market situation, UED always tries to gain its customer satisfaction by providing best quality services in order to become a well-known Iranian company in international market.

Organizational Values

  • Learning and trainability , innovation and constant improvement of activities and endeavor towards being the best
  • Customer-orientation and aiming to meet their satisfaction through on-time and high-quality works and projects
  • High sense of responsibility for the benefits of the society and striving for increasing national incomes and economic development and decreasing environmental harms and damages
  • Paying attention to the comments of related departments and experts and validated statistic information at the time of decision-making
  • Paying homage to the personality and contributions of the personnel and creating job security as well as an intimate and creative atmosphere full of the sense of cooperation
  • Positive thinking and the observance of justice, fairness, honesty, loyalty and faithfulness in organizational behavior

Special Capabilities

  • UED is the EPC Contractor of the first Iranian Class F single shaft Combined Cycle Power Plant.
  • Optimizing power plant contract costs comparing to other local contractors.
  • Implementing solutions for purchase and transport of equipment, identifying payment methods for foreign manufactures despite restriction.
  • Execution of all projects (completed or under construction) without any death accident so far.
  • Special experience in plants and oil and gas industries with high experienced and expertise staff and professional managers whom are certified at international level.
  • Ongoing training in special and general fields for all organization staff.
  • Continuous satisfaction evaluation of local and foreign stakeholders.
  • Recording of client’s or customer’s feedbacks and project lesson learned at the end of each projects, to be used in future projects.
  • Efficient workflow and quick decision making at organization level by agile system concept.


Iran management and planning organization certificates are as follow:

  • Grade one EPC contractor in power field.
  • Grade one contractor in power field.
  • Grade one consultancy services in power field.
  • Grade five contractor in oil and gas fields.
  • Grade five contractor in equipment and facilities fields.


Khazar Group (TSEK)

Comar Sanat

Ghods Niroo Engineering


  • Amal Trading (UAE)
  • Siemens (Germany)
  • Ansaldo Energia (Italy)
  • BHI (South Korea)
  • Unit International S.A. (Belgium)
  • Electrowatt (UK)
  • Lamayer (Germany)
  • AF Consult (Switzerland)
  • Fichtner (Germany)
  • TCE Consulting Engineering Limited (India)
  • Tose Sazehaye Energy Khazar Holding
  • Tubos Reunidos S.A. (Spain)
  • Sidem (France)
  • Sices (Italy)
  • Air Liquide (France)
  • Sideco (Italy)
  • EuroSid (Germany)
  • SWS (Italy)