Bussiness Partner

The United Energy Developer company always strives for professional interaction with the most renowned companies in its field, focusing on the success and profitability of joint projects between the two companies. By exchanging experiences and knowledge among the specialists of these companies and their own experts, it aims to create a broad and sustainable relationship with commercial partners.

Siemens (Germany)

Ansaldo Energia (Italy)

BHI (South Korea)

AF Consult (Switzerland)

Fichtner (Germany)

Tubos Reunidos S.A. (Spain)

Amal Trading (UAE)

EuroSid (Germany)

SWS (Italy)

ING Bank (Netherlands)

Intergiro Bank (Netherlands)

DONER Bank (Germany)

MELLI Hamburg Bank (Germany)

EIH Bank (Germany)

Citi Bank (India)

CBD Bank (UAE)

Rak Bank (UAE)

China Everbright Bank (China)

Barclays Bank (UK)

Revolut Bank (UK)

Melli Bank (Iran)

Post Bank (Iran)