Introduction | United Energy Developers



United Energy Developers Co (a private company), established as a General Contractor in the field of Energy for execution of related projects in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries.

Company type:  Private Joint Stock
Initial Capital:  100Billion Rials

Field of Activities

  • Involve in projects as the General Contractor of Energy for management and execution of the Energy Projects in the fields of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power including management, design, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance
  • Execution of different type of projects in the field of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries in the form of EPC and Turnkey.
  • Cooperation or partnership with international companies in energy market in Iran and regional countries
  • Investment in different kinds of B.O.O and B.O.T plants or projects,
  • Contract management of related projects.