United Energy Developers Company, as a general contractor, was incorporated aimed at improving technical abilities, engineering and entrepreneurship inside and outside of the country relying on its capabilities in energy fields. Benefiting from high experiences of its partners and extended international relations and paying attention to development, satisfaction and respecting the benefits of all beneficiaries, this company has set up its mission on the following orientations:

  • Contract management in energy field for managing, creating and executing  the projects  in  oil and gas, petrochemical and power plant fields
  • Executing industrial projects in the field of energy in EPC form
  • Developing cooperation with international companies as their commercial partner
  • Investing in factories, plants and projects


United Energy Developers Company tries to create and improve fruitful relations with its customers, personnel, colleagues, the Government and societies. This company has planned for being known as a reputable general contractor in Iran by using technological innovations and creating values-added, and strives to be developed to a dynamic and universal and international company

Organizational Values

  • Learning and trainability , innovation and constant improvement of activities and endeavor towards being the best
  • Customer-orientation and attempting for meeting their satisfaction through on-time and high-quality works and projects
  • High sense of responsibility for the benefits of the society and striving for increasing national incomes and economic development and decreasing environmental harms and damages
  • Paying attention to the comments of related departments and experts and validated statistic information at the time of decision-making.
  • Paying homage respect to the personality and magnanimity of the personnel and creating job security and an intimate and creative atmosphere full of the sense of cooperation
  • Positive thinking and the observance of justice, fairness, honesty, loyalty and faithfulness in organizational behavior