Rey 1070MW Class F Combined Cycle Power Plant

Financing Phase

In 2019, construction of Rey 1071 MW CCPP inform of EPC contractor was awarded to UED by Thermal Power Plant Holding Co. The Project is defined as the reconstruction plan of existing and old Rey Power Plant located in south of Tehran. As the project is close to Tehran and near residential area, the new power plant has to fulfill strict environmental regulations. Therefore, UED proposed a well- proven F-Class dual fuel gas turbine to the employer to reach the highest efficiency in the country and the lowest emission in combined cycle operational mode.

This Power Plant includes a 2+1 Multi Shaft configuration composed of Two (2) GT26 Gas Turbines, each coupled to a Hydrogen Cooled Electrical Generator and One (1) RH Steam Turbine coupled to a Hydrogen Cooled Electrical Generator, Two (2) Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), One (1) Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) and Balance of Plant (BOP) equipment.